What does innovation look like in my classroom?

The first ever Jean Augustine SS Blog Hop challenge is to write a (very short!) blog that answers, “What does innovation look like in my classroom?”

Innovation is a term often used interchangeably with technology. Innovation in the sense of the SAIL philosophy at JASS, however, is more about finding creative solutions to meet new requirements. Synonyms of innovation might be more appropriate: change, alteration, revolution, transformation.

Innovation in my English classroom, then, is about providing students with the opportunity to apply the skills they learn- about intended audience and purpose, about generating and researching ideas, about organizing and expressing ideas- and applying them in a context that is for a broader audience and for a greater purpose.

For example, students in ENG 2D (Grade 10 Academic) are required to take their learning related to our essential question (“Is all service ultimately selfish?”) and, for their Final Evaluation, develop a cohesive call to action regarding a social innovation issue, such as ending poverty in FNMI youth, using products from Reading, Writing, Oral Communication and Media strands. Students had vlogs about addressing¬†homophobia, social media profiles developed to discouragesubstance abuse, informational reports about unequal pay and podcasts about Islamophobia. They were advocating for change and feeling empowered to do this advocacy using the skills they learned in English.

In this way, English has become a platform for student voice and social change. In this way, my classroom is innovative.

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